Good Neighbours Newsletter – February 2008

Hi Everyone,

We are into a new year and already in to February but it is looking good, the sun is shining (most days) the Daffodils and Crocuses are appearing and making everything look bright and cheerful.
Hope you don’t get any of those horrible coughs and colds that are going around.

We had our Ecumenical Service on February 3rd and many thanks to Fr. Joe for stepping in at the last minute.
Fr. Kit was supposed to do it and was looking forward to renewing friendships with you all but the Bishop called so he had to go!
Rev Kevin Brew was away and sent apologies and Rev Sonia apologised as her father was seriously ill in England and she had to visit him.
We picked the wrong day and must coordinate better next year.
However the service went very well and so did the Cuppa and the chat.

A date for your diary, we have arranged a Games Day on April 10th, yes it is a Coffee morning.
We will start as usual with Tea / Coffee but you will only get biscuits!
No we are not getting mean or starting Weight Watchers!
We will have games then (don’t know which ones yet) and then Lunch which will be up to our usual high standard of cuisine!
We will have lots of prizes for all the games so it should be a good day.
Cost will be €5. Names will be taken on March 27th.

Another date for your Diary – we have arranged our Annual Retreat for Monday May 26th in Manresa, 10.30am to 3.30pm.
The cost will be €30 including Lunch. Names will be taken on April 24th.

Plans are well afoot for an outing in July.
We will tell you as soon as we have a definite date.

Those of you with computers or with families who use them might like to know that you can access all information about Bayside Parish at
The Sunday Newsletter and this Newsletter are available there and lots more.

The Helpers