Parish Pastoral Council

What is it?

In 2005,  Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has asked that Pastoral Councils be formally set up in every parish in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to join with the Priests of the Parish and the Parish Sister in developing the pastoral aspects of parish life.

The Archbishop decided it was time to renew the life and energy of Parish Communities throughout the Diocese.

By forming a Parish Pastoral Council, it was hoped to create a new leadership structure that would enable the priests and the community in the parish to work together towards this end.

The role of the Council is to care and serve the parish family by planning ahead for the future, by ensuring the smooth running of the parish and by offering a supportive presence to existing parish groups.

Our Mission Statement

We, the Parishioners of the Parish of the Resurrection, inspired by the teachings and life of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, are dedicated to developing our parish as an inclusive community of faith.

We are committed to reflecting the love of Jesus in our everyday lives and to creating a parish where each person feels welcomed, accepted and valued.

We will actively support the existing pastoral groups in the parish in developing new pastoral initiatives, which will act as a catalyst for change.